B3.10 Assessment and external examiners

  • 10.1 Every element of an individual student’s Open Award programme shall fall within the competence and expertise of:

    • the University’s internal examination committees; and
    • the University’s existing external examiners.

    10.2 Assessment will be carried out by Faculties’ existing undergraduate and postgraduate examination committees. The appropriate examination committee in the lead Faculty shall have responsibility for recommending the awards for individual students. The appropriate committee shall be identified as part of the process for approving individual student programmes. In the case of undergraduate awards this recommendation shall be made to the Modular Examinations Committee and in the case of postgraduate awards it shall be made to the Academic Board.

    10.3 Assessments to be carried out by an Examination Committee must be agreed in writing by the start of the term in which the Committee meets.

    10.4 For undergraduate awards the grading scheme shall be as determined in the University’s Core Regulations.

    10.5 The classification of Open Awards which lead to Honours Degrees shall be decided in accordance with Schedule 1 below on the average of the marks obtained in the best fourteen level 5 or above acceptable module credits, which carry the highest marks.

    Class of Honours Minimum Average
    First 70%
    Upper second 60%
    Lower second 50%
    Third 40%
    NB. Averages are truncated, not rounded up. In calculating a student’s final average, marks for double modules are counted as two identical single marks. Similarly for triple and larger sized modules.

    10.6 Merit and Distinction grades will be awarded to postgraduate programmes within the Open Award Scheme following the rules in the University’s Academic Regulations for Postgraduate Taught Programmes.