B3.13 Approval

  • 13.1 At present only the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences offers an Open Award. Should another Faculty wish to do so, the conditions of approval shall be as follows:

    • having an appropriate programme of staff development in place;
    • having experience in operating work-based learning and/or having experience of supporting students whose learning is wholly or partly based off-campus;
    • having experience of delivering and assessing taught courses at the appropriate level;
    • making appropriate arrangements to support students studying on Open Award programmes.

    13.2 A Faculty’s application to be admitted to the University’s Open Award Scheme shall include the following information:

    • level(s) at which Faculty proposes to participate in the Open Award Scheme (eg undergraduate and/or postgraduate);
    • specify the awards which Faculty proposes to offer under the Open Award Scheme;
    • name(s) of Senior Tutor of Faculty’s Open Awards;
    • proposed start date of Faculty’s participation in the University’s Open Award Scheme, ie Date on which Faculty aims to start enrolling students for Open Awards;
    • systems of student support that will be in place;
    • specification of the procedure for agreeing individual student programmes;
    • fees;
    • evidence of demand for Open Awards;
    • resourcing required to develop, launch and run the proposed Open Awards programmes, including any additional teaching and support staffing, staff development, expertise, facilities and equipment, learning and teaching materials, and marketing and promotion necessary in the first five year - specify how this will be provided;
    • existing arrangements and relationships with external organisations which will contribute to the Faculty’s ability to provide Open Awards, eg mentoring relations and collaborative partnership arrangements;
    • an Open Awards Handbook and Operations manual.

    13.3 The approval of a Faculty’s admission to the University’s Open Award Scheme will be considered by the relevant Faculty Academic Enhancement and Standards Committee (FAESC). The FAESC’s recommendations will be conveyed to the University AESC.