B4.4 Conditions for Satisfactory Progression

  • 4.1 The Examination Committee will require any student to withdraw who fails to submit any work for assessment within a single semester without formal approval for suspension or valid mitigating circumstances.

    4.2 Students must complete all compulsory, elective or alternative modules as indicated in the Specific Programme Regulations (in the course handbook).

    4.3 The maximum number of modules/credits a student may take in order to achieve a postgraduate award for which they were initially enrolled will be set proportional to the total credit for the course.  Where a PGCert or PGDip is awarded as an alternative exit award, the maximum number of credits attempted will be the same as the award for which the student was initially enrolled.  The table below takes account of possible AP(E)L:

    Number of credits to be completed for the award Maximum number of credits to be attempted Number of 20 credit modules or equivalent
    240 340 17
    220 320 16
    200 300 15
    180 280 14
    160 200 10
    140 180  9
    120 160  8
    100 120  6
     80 100  5
     60  80  4