B5-10 Collaborating establishments

  • 10.1  The University encourages collaboration with industrial, commercial, professional or research establishments for the purposes of research leading to research degree awards. Such collaboration shall be intended:

    (a)    to encourage outward-looking and relevant research;
    (b)    to extend the candidate’s own experience and perspectives of the work;
    (c)    to provide a wider range of experience and expertise to assist in the development of the project;
    (d)    to be mutually beneficial; and,
    (e)    where appropriate, to enable the candidate to become a member of a research community.

    10.2  Collaboration may be formalised with one or more bodies external to the University. For the purpose of the research degree regulations these shall be referred to as Collaborating Establishments. Formal collaboration shall involve the candidate’s use of facilities and other resources, including supervision, which are provided jointly by the University and the Collaborating Establishment(s). In such cases a formal letter from a senior member of the Collaborating Establishment(s) confirming the agreed arrangements should be submitted with the application for registration.

    10.3  The name(s) of the Collaborating Establishment(s) shall appear on the candidate’s thesis and degree certificate.