B5-11 Annual monitoring requirements

  • 11.1  The progress and status of all research students, full-time and part-time must be reviewed by Faculties. Practice may vary and full details of the discipline specific requirements can be found in the Faculty Handbook. Candidates must produce a brief written annual progress report on their research which should be submitted to the Faculty Postgraduate Research Tutor and copied to the Supervisors, in accordance with the Faculty’s monitoring procedures. This assessment must include one person external to the supervisory team.

    11.2  In addition to the monitoring, at the end of the first six months full-time or first year part-time, the progress review should include consideration of the likelihood of the candidate achieving the award of MA, MSc or LLM by Research. If the review process indicates that the candidate is unlikely to achieve the degree within an appropriate period (one years for full-time or two years for part-time) clear indication should be given and if necessary the registration terminated. Where a candidate is not likely to achieve the degree the necessary action should be taken with a view to terminating registration. Directors of Studies are required to submit a progress report annually in respect of all candidates they are supervising to the Faculty Postgraduate Research Tutors, who will sign the reports and forward them to the Research Degrees Team.

    11.3  Faculties must ensure that progress monitoring occurs during the first year of study for full-time students and during the second year for part-time students. The monitoring must include someone external to the supervisory team. Appropriate arrangements must be made for all students to make at least one oral presentation during their research programme and these should form part of progress monitoring.

    11.4  Students will be given the opportunity annually, to give comment anonymously on the adequacy of supervision and facilities provided for their research.

    11.5  Faculties must ensure that the required sections of the work have been submitted through Turnitin each year and that full details of the work submitted, including the outcome of the analysis is formally recorded on the RDSC Annual Progress Report form.