B5-13 Approval of examination arrangements

  • 13.1 The supervisors shall propose examiners and the final thesis title to the Research Degrees Sub-Committee for approval on form RDSC-E. This should be done at least two months before the expected date of submission of the thesis. The examination may not take place until the examination arrangements have been approved. In special circumstances the Research Degrees Sub-Committee may act directly to appoint examiners and arrange the examination of a candidate.

    13.2 In cases where the research degree involves creative work and the candidate is submitting work in other than written form, the application for approval of examination arrangements shall contain a statement of the format of the candidate’s creative work and the proposed methods of assessment.

    13.3 If the nature of the research necessitates the thesis being held on restricted access for a period of time up to a maximum of one year after completion of the work and approval of this was not sought at the time of registration, the request for confidentiality should be made with the application for approval of examination arrangements (Section 5.8 refers).

    13.4 All examiners who are about to examine a candidate who has requested that the thesis be held on restricted access should complete the Confidentiality Agreement (RDSC-CA) and submit it with the application for approval of examination arrangements.