B5-14 The examiners

  • 14.1 The examining team shall only comprise one internal and one external examiner.

    14.2 The internal examiner shall be a member of staff of the University or the candidate’s Collaborating Establishment other than a supervisor or adviser of the candidate. In cases where the internal examiner has not previously examined a higher degree, the Sub-Committee will consider whether a Chair is necessary to ensure consistency. Where possible the proposed internal examiner should attend relevant training to ensure consistency and standardisation of the processes.

    14.3 The examiners shall be experienced in research in the general area of the candidate’s thesis and, where practicable, have experience as a specialist in the topic(s) to be examined.

    14.4 At least one external examiner shall have substantial experience of research degree examining (that is, shall have examined at least two research degree candidates). In the case of MA, MSc or LLM by Research, examiners should have experience of examining research degrees (MPhil or PhD) and have experience of both the delivery and regulatory requirements associated with a Masters award.

    14.5 Where the candidate and the internal examiner are both on the staff of the same establishment, a second external examiner shall be appointed. A candidate who is on a fixed short-term employment contract (for instance, a research assistant) shall be exempt from the requirements of this regulation.

    14.6 An external examiner shall be independent both of the University and of the Collaborating Establishment and shall not have acted previously as the candidate’s supervisor or adviser. An external examiner shall normally not be either a supervisor of another candidate or an external examiner on a taught course in the same Faculty at the University. Former members of staff of the University shall not be approved as external examiners until five years after the termination of their employment with the University. The Research Degrees Sub-Committee shall ensure that the same external examiner is not normally approved for more than four examinations in a period of three years, and so ensure that the examiner does not become too familiar with the Faculty and therefore prejudice objective judgement. If an external examiner has been appointed for the maximum of four examinations, the examiner concerned should not be proposed again for a period of two years.

    14.7 No candidate for a research degree or a professional higher degree shall act as an examiner.

    14.8 The University shall determine and pay the fees and expenses of the examiners.