B5-15 Submission of the thesis

  • 15.1 The Director of Studies or the Research Degrees Team shall make known to the candidate the procedure to be followed for the submission of the thesis and any conditions to be satisfied before the candidate may be considered eligible for examination. The thesis will not be sent for examination until all outstanding fees or debts to the University have been paid in full. The number of copies of the thesis to be submitted will be determined by the number of examiners appointed, in most cases one internal and one external examiner are appointed and therefore two copies of the thesis should be submitted. A copy of the abstract page should also be submitted with the thesis at this stage.

    15.2 The candidate shall ensure that the thesis is submitted to the Research Degrees Team before the expiry of the registration period (see paragraph 7.2.2).

    15.3 The candidate shall ensure that the thesis format is in accordance with the requirements of the University’s regulations (see Section 19).

    15.4 The submission of the thesis for examination shall be at the sole discretion of the candidate. While a candidate would be unwise to submit the thesis for examination against the advice of the supervisors, it is the candidate’s right to do so. Equally, candidates should not assume that a supervisor’s agreement to the submission of a thesis guarantees the award of the degree. Candidates are required to present the final version of the thesis to the supervisors before submission and to obtain the Director of Studies’ signature on the submission form RDSC-Sub. This form must be submitted to the Research Degrees Team before the thesis can be sent out to the examiners.

    15.5 In exceptional cases, a candidate may submit the thesis for examination without the supervisor’s agreement, however the supervisor will still be required to sign the submission form before the thesis can be sent to the examiners.

    15.6 The candidate shall confirm, through completion of form RDSC-Sub, that the thesis has not been submitted for a comparable academic award. The candidate shall not be precluded from incorporating in the thesis, covering a wider field, work which has already been submitted for a degree or comparable award, provided that it is indicated, on the submission form and also in the thesis, which work has been so incorporated.

    15.7 The candidate shall confirm through the completion of form RDSC-Sub, that the work submitted is their own, unless otherwise indicated through the use of an approved referencing system.