B5-3 Admission

  • 3.1  The admission of research candidates must comply with the requirements stipulated within the University Admission Policy.

    3.2  Responsibility for the initial admission of candidates lies with individual Faculties and the Dean of Faculty who may delegate that responsibility as described in 3.3 below.  Admission procedures should comply with Sections 2.1 – 2.8 of the Code of Practice for Postgraduate Research.  However, formal registration for a research degree may only take place following approval by the Research Degrees Sub-Committee of the Academic Board acting on behalf of the University.

    3.3  In admitting a candidate to the degree of MA, MSc or LLM by Research the Faculty or Department’s Postgraduate Research Tutor or their deputy or the Chair of the Faculty Research Committee or Director of Research must ensure that:

    (a)     the applicant is appropriately qualified in accordance with paragraphs 2.1 to 2.4;
    (b)     references are obtained;
    (c)     the proposed programme of research is viable, particularly if the topic has been generated by the candidate;
    (d)     adequate supervision is available which is likely to be sustainable and the Director of Studies identified;
    (e)     the necessary facilities exist for the conduct of the research;
    (f)      self-funded students should provide evidence that they are able to adequately fund the whole of their research programme;
    (g)     ethical approval has been considered where appropriate;
    (h)     Intellectual Property Rights have been considered;
    (i)      if appropriate, formal collaboration is set up with the institutions necessary to undertake the research, and 
    (j)      criminal records check has been carried out where appropriate.
    (k)     each candidate is interviewed either in person, by skype or by phone and the      Postgraduate Research Tutor must be part of the interview panel;
    (l)      where there is an expectation of teaching being undertaken by a candidate applying for a funded studentship, their suitability for teaching should be considered as part of the admissions process.

    3.4  Successful applicants must be issued with a formal offer letter from the Faculty or Department’s  Postgraduate Research Tutor or their Deputy or the Chair of the Faculty Research Committee or Director of Research.  The offer must be accepted by the applicant in writing.  Copies of the offer and acceptance letters must be lodged with the Research Degrees Team. 

    3.5  In accordance with Section 2.9 of the Code of Practice, the offer letter shall specify:

    (a)     The total fees, including any other charges such as bench fees which will be  levied;
    (b)     A brief outline of the proposed research area and the normal period of study, including mode of study;
    (c)     The names of the supervisors (normally indicating the Director of Studies, who must be suitably qualified see 9.2) and other supervisory arrangements;
    (d)     A clear statement that continuation is dependent on satisfactory academic  progress;
    (e)    If the research area requires Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance,  the correct JACS code must be noted.  In addition to the code, a paragraph providing a concise, but detailed account of the proposed research must be included, complex technical details should be included if appropriate;
    (f)    The nature and extent of other duties (e.g. teaching) required (if any);
    (g)    The name and requirements and conditions of any sponsor, (if any);
    (h)    A summary of the general facilities that will be made available;
    (i)     Requirements of attendance, holiday allocation, progress reports and review;
    (j)     Detail of compulsory Faculty or Department research methods or other training courses if any, and
    (k)    The University’s terms and conditions governing entry to and study on the research degree programme. Ethics policy, Intellectual Property Rights policy and Health and Safety Information.

    3.6  Should the need arise, the University will implement other regulations and policies relating to misconduct, including plagiarism as laid down in the following documents:

    • Academic Integrity;
    • Cheating and Plagiarism;
    • Data Protection;
    • Research Ethics

    3.7  Admission decision must take into account the needs and requirements of students with    disabilities and other special needs.  A clear statement must be made at the outset, indicating the level of support available for the student from both the Faculty and University.  

    When admitting a student to the full-time research programme, the Postgraduate Research Tutor must be satisfied that the student has sufficient time available to dedicate to their programme. Normally, a full-time student must allocate at least 35 hours a week to work on their programme and should not undertake more than 20 hours per week paid employment or other commitments. Part- time candidates should have a minimum of 15 hours per week available for their programme of study over the full duration of their programme.

    3.8  When offering a student a place on the programme, Postgraduate Research Tutors must satisfy themselves that a candidate about to begin their research programme has given due consideration to their personal and financial circumstances before accepting the offer. Students should not suspend during the period of enrolment on this programme (See Section 7.3).   Where a student is not in a position to comply with the regulations, the offer of a place should be deferred for a maximum of one year.