B5-8 Programme of related activities

  • 8.1  As part of the programme of research a candidate shall follow a programme of related activities in order to attain competence in research methods and knowledge related to the subject of the thesis. This programme shall be intended:

    (a) to provide the candidate with the skills and knowledge necessary for the pursuit of the proposed research;
    (b) to provide breadth of knowledge in the related subjects;
    (c) to place the candidate in contact with the research community; and
    (d) to provide generic training in related skills appropriate for personal and professional development.

    8.2  Each candidate’s previous experience and training in research methods will be assessed at the offer stage and if necessary the candidate will be required to undertake up to the equivalent of 60 M- level credits methods training. This will not require the candidate to enrol on taught modules or for the work to be formally assessed. They will be required to attend as required and the Supervisory team will evaluate the learning outcomes in terms of the contribution made to the research and thesis.

    8.3  Where the programme of related activities includes an approved programme of studies leading to another award and the candidate is registered for that programme and fulfils all its requirements, the candidate may be recommended for that award in addition to the degree of MA, MSc or LLM by Research. The Research Degrees Sub-Committee shall only approve such dual registration where either the research degree registration or the other course of study is by part-time study and that, in the opinion of the Research Degrees Sub-Committee, the dual registration will not detract from the research. The work undertaken for the other award must not be submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the candidate’s research degree.

    8.4  A candidate may be required to undertake and pass a programme of formally assessed studies and if this is the case they will enrol and pay the fees due in respect of the modules taken. Such a course of study shall not occupy more than one third of the total period of registration and shall complement the research. This programme is intended to provide a body of knowledge normally associated with a degree in the field of study of the proposed research.