B5-9 Supervision

  • 9.1 A candidate shall have two supervisors.

    9.2 One supervisor shall be the Director of Studies (first supervisor) with responsibility to ensure that the candidate receives supervision on a regular and frequent basis with members of the supervisory team. The Director of Studies shall normally have supervised one research student to completion and completed key components of the Supervisor Training Course. Where a Director of Studies only has one completion, whether as Director of Studies or Second Supervisor, the supervision of that research programme must have been for more than two thirds of the whole programme, anything less will not be considered sufficient to meet this requirement. However, where a member of staff has had substantial experience of supervising graduate students and where the team as a whole has supervised at least two research students to completion, the Chair of the appropriate Sub-Committee with the Faculty or Department Postgraduate Research Tutor, will assess whether the experience is sufficient to take on the role of Director of Studies. The recommendation must be approved by the Chair of the Research Degrees Sub-Committee before the member of staff can be appointed.

    9.3 One individual shall not normally be Director of Studies for more than six full-time research students or pro-rata for part-time students. The ratio may vary according to the number of full or part-time students allocated to a particular member of staff. The Postgraduate Research Tutor and Dean of Faculty or Head of Department shall assess the workload of a member of staff to ascertain the appropriate number of students to be supervised by that individual. Supervisory time should be included in the individual’s workload plan and should be the equivalent to that allocated for MPhil supervision.

    9.4 The supervision team shall normally be research active and have substantial research experience in the relevant subject area and have had a combined experience of supervising at least two research degree candidates to successful completion.

    9.5 At least one supervisor should be a member of academic staff of the University. The Dean of Faculty must ensure that the supervisors are suitably qualified for the proposed project. The supervisory team should have substantial research experience in the relevant subject area and normally have experience of supervising at least two research degree candidates to successful and timely completion at the appropriate level.

    9.6 In addition to the supervisors, an adviser or advisers may be proposed to contribute some specialised knowledge or a link with an external organisation.

    9.7 A candidate for a research degree or professional higher degree, excluding PhD by Published Work, shall be ineligible to act as a Supervisor for another research candidate.

    9.8 Any proposal for change in supervision arrangements shall be made to the Research Degrees Sub-Committee on form RDSC-S.

    9.9 Exceptionally the role of Director of Studies may be divided between no more than two Co-Directors of Studies. In these cases the role of each person would have to be clearly identified at the outset and a case made to the Research Degrees Sub-Committee for approval. Where the role of Director of Studies is divided in this way, a second supervisor is also required to complete the team.