B8 Higher Degree Regulations

  • Regulations for the Awards of Doctor of Letters and Doctor of Science

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    1.  Eligibility and entry requirements

    1.1 The University shall award the degree of Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.) or Doctor of Science (D.Sc) to former Graduates of the University who may apply for the Degree of D.Litt. at any time after the expiry of seven years from the date of their first graduation. 

    1.2 Members of staff who are not already graduates of the University may apply for the award Degree of Doctor of Letters or Science, after completing four years' continuous service in one or more of the posts or appointments listed below. *

    1.3. A candidate for the degree shall submit a personal statement of between 2-5 pages in length which must include an introduction, summary of the work submitted, an explanation of how and why the work was of value and how it had added to the knowledge in the field.  They should be able to clearly demonstrate that their work was of an international standard and provide evidence of how it had been recognised at the highest level. 

    Candidates must also present a published work or works accompanied by a declaration signed by the candidate certifying either:

    1. that the candidate is the sole author of the work, or
    2. that the candidate is the joint author of the work in collaboration with another person or persons who shall be named, in which case the declaration must also include a statement clearly defining the extent of the candidate’s personal contribution to the joint work.

    In each case, such declaration must also state the extent (if any) to which the work has been submitted in any previous application for any degree and the result of any such application. Work submitted in a successful application for any degree shall be disallowed. The Research Degrees Committee shall have discretion to allow or disallow work previously submitted in an unsuccessful application.

    2.   Fees and period of registration

    2.1 Candidates shall pay the appropriate part-time fee for a minimum of one academic year and shall continue to pay fees until the submission of the work. Oxford Brookes Staff should pay a minimum fee of £1,000 per academic year.  Following submission, candidates will be required to remain enrolled until final examination but no fees are payable for this period.

    3.    Registration

    3.1 Applications will be considered by the full Research Degrees Committee in the first instance, who would decide whether the candidate could be offered a place on the programme.  If Research Degrees Committee is not satisfied with the submission and declaration provided, it shall have the power to refuse the application.

    If the Research Degrees Committee agreed that the candidate could be offered a place on the programme and submit a formal application for registration, the candidate would be required to formally enrol and pay the appropriate fee. During the initial 6 months, they would develop their application for registration for consideration by the Research Degrees Committee. Candidates would be also required to submit at least two testimonials as part of the application for registration. 

    3.2  The material presented in evidence must be submitted; such material must have been in print for a period of a least one year at the date of registration.

    3.3  Candidates should not submit material which in substance has been submitted in a successful application for a higher degree unless they consider that its omission would  result in an inadequate representation of their research.

    4.   Submission of work for examination

    4.1  The Research Degrees Committee shall approve at least two external examiners and one internal examiner. The internal examiner may be proposed from such Professors, Readers or Lecturers in the University with the necessary experience and expertise to examine the work or works submitted by a candidate. In addition, an external examiner or examiners shall be  appointed who shall be independent of the candidate’s research and publication activities. Such additional examiner(s) shall be of recognised eminence in the subject of the work or works presented by the candidate. Each examiner would be required to produce a detailed report about the submission in support of their recommendations. The external examiners’ fee would be set at £300.

    4.2  If after inquiry the Research Degrees Committee is satisfied with the said declaration, it shall remit the work submitted to a team of Examiners approved by the Research Degrees Committee. 

    4.3  Three copies of the submission are required for examination.

    4.4  One copy of all successful submissions will remain the property of the University.  Material submitted by unsuccessful candidates will be returned.

    4.5  The candidate shall be awarded the degree only if the Research Degree Committee, on the recommendation of the examiners, agree that the body of work shall be held to constitute an original and sufficiently substantial contribution to learning and the present state of knowledge.

    5.    Specific criteria for the award of DOCTOR OF LETTERS (D.Litt.)

    5.1 The degree shall be awarded only if the Research Degrees Committee, on the recommendation of the examiners, is satisfied that the submission represents both an original and a substantial contribution to advancement of  knowledge of the subject and that it constitutes work of high distinction in scholarship and/or research in respect of qualities such erudition, insight, imagination, innovation and critical balance, such that it has established or confirmed the candidate as a recognised authority in the relevant field.

    6.    Specific criteria for the award of DOCTOR OF SCIENCE (D.SC.)

    6.1 The degree shall be awarded only if the Research Degrees Committee, on the recommendation of the examiners, is satisfied that the submission represents a high standard of work and the subject matter is coherent and original and should form a contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge of such substance and distinction as to give the candidate an authoritative status in some branch or branches of learning.

    For further information about these regulations, please contact the Research Degrees Team in Student Central.

    Approved by:
    Research Degrees Committee, June 2014
    Research and Knowledge Transfer Committee, September 2014

    Next reviewed:
    September 2016