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Our early stages of life (from birth, through schooling, further and higher education, and into our early careers) are often the most challenging, as this is a period of immense change. 

Our researchers are exploring, assessing and identifying practical ways to support and to enable more effective transitions during these vital phases of human development.

We are examining this in the various contexts and cultures in which children and young people live, learn and work and how these impact on their health and development.

This includes the opportunities and risks afforded by our digital environment and the impact of broader social, economic and health inequalities. 

We are exploring aspects of health and wellbeing - including physical and mental health, disease and risky behaviours, prevention measures and interventions. We are also considering the development of academic, cognitive and social skills, understanding of atypical development and disability, identity and diversity. 

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Learning to ride a bike - helping children with movement difficulties

19 February 2019

Learning to ride a bike

Learning to ride a bike is an important milestone for most children. However, this is a complex skill that children with movement difficulties may struggle to master.

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