Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

  • The Concordat sets out the expectations and responsibilities of researchers, their managers, employers and funders. It aims to increase the attractiveness and sustainability of research careers in the UK and to improve the quantity, quality and impact of research for the benefit of UK society and the economy.

    The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers was first published in 2008. Following sector-wide consultation, the revised Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers was released in September 2019. Oxford Brookes University became a signatory to the new Concordat in May 2020. You can read our Vice Chancellor’s letter of commitment  here.

    The Researcher Development Concordat is an agreement between stakeholders to improve the employment and support for researchers and researcher careers in higher education in the UK. Researchers are primarily defined as contract staff who are employed solely or largely to conduct research.

    The new Concordat has three defining principles:

    1) Environment and culture (excellent research requires a supportive and inclusive research culture);

    2) Employment (researchers are recruited, employed and managed under conditions that recognise and value their contributions);

    3) Professional and career development (professional and career development are integral to enabling researchers to develop their full potential).

    For each of these principles, the revised Concordat outlines the key responsibilities of the four main stakeholder groups:

    1) Researchers

    2) Managers of researchers

    3) Institutions

    4) Funders

    To download a pdf of the  Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers (2019) click on the image below: 

    Concordat Sep 2019 - image

    Since becoming a signatory, the University has carried out a gap analysis against each of the Institutional Commitments laid out in the Concordat and produced an action plan to address these gaps, which was approved by University Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee (RKEC) in February 2021. You can read the full gap analysis on the Concordat intranet web page. The action plan is published externally, here.

    The University has also produced an Annual Report (20/21) outlining what we've achieved since signing the Concordat in May 2020. This was also approved by the University Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee (RKEC) in February 2021.

    To find out more about the Researcher Development Concordat and how it affects you as Researchers or Managers of Researchers, please watch the video from our senior manager concordat champion, Prof. Susan Brooks, on the Concordat intranet web page.

    For further information on the September 2019 Concordat, please visit the Vitae website

    The University's "Code of Practice for the Career Management of Contract Research Staff" has been in circulation since 2012. It was revised in 2021 in line with our commitment to our Researchers and to the 2019 Concordat. It outlines provision for professional development and career development of Research-only staff, as well as conditions of employment, internal funding opportunities, resources and support. You can read the Code of Practice on our Research Support intranet.