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The Creative Industries, the UK's fastest growing economic sector ( includes areas as diverse as: advertising, architecture, arts, design, fashion, film, music, performing arts, publishing, R&D, software, toys and games, TV and radio, digital media and video games.

Our Network at Oxford Brookes brings together researchers, professionals, and local communities to share their expertise on this diverse sector. The network builds on the well established research history in various aspects of the Creative Industries, especially through the intersections of different disciplinary perspectives, including subjects such as psychology, built environment, geography, and business.

As a cross-disciplinary and collaborative Network, we explore critical issues and key themes around both local and global dimensions of the Creative Industries.

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Man riding a bike

30 November 2020

Creativity and Ageing During the Pandemic

This interactive online workshop will discuss and evaluate both digital and non digital creative activities that during the pandemic have involved the older community.

Glass Tank Every day is a morning after

16 October 2020

Helena: Every Day Is A Morning After

We are proud to present Helena: Every Day Is A Morning After created by documentarian Jim Mortram as an exhibition film of his body of work Every Day Is A Morning After.


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