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Overcoming inequality and promoting diversity is a significant and enduring societal challenge. 

This Network aims to identify and prioritise key areas and challenges of Inclusion, Diversity and Gender to advance our understanding about how individuals and societies experience, respond to and are affected by intersecting identities and/or sociocultural factors.

This builds on Oxford Brookes University’s well-established research history in Inclusion, Diversity and Gender, especially through our Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice. 

As a cross-disciplinary and collaborative Network, we are exploring critical issues and key themes for progress to a more inclusive society, including social class and mobility, gender inequalities, sexuality, disabilities, parenthood, national identity and race.

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Thrive Festival: Connecting women entrepreneurs across Europe: meet the WEgate community

Tuesday, 09 November 2021, 12:30 to 13:30

WEgate (we open doors for women entrepreneurs) is a free online platform funded by the European Union to help women entrepreneurs start and build their businesses.

Visibility and intersectionality in girls' ideas about leadership 

In this public engagement talk we offer some insights from the UK pilot of our study exploring girls, leadership, and women in the public eye. We offer some insights into how girls themselves respond to women in the public eye- who they admire and why, and whether they are inspired to follow. Our data reveal some ways in which role model solutions fall short, and illuminate how the barriers to decision-making and public life for girls represent a complex mix of gendered hostility, social division and lack of diversity.

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