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Demographic trends in global ageing are changing rapidly. 

In 2018, for the first time in history, people aged 65 years or above outnumbered children aged under five. There are huge opportunities and challenges which, as a society, we are only just beginning to understand and explore. 

Our researchers are working across disciplines and with our partners from communities, business and the public sector. 

Our work includes: addressing health and social care ageing issues, designing appropriate living and working spaces, developing policies to accommodate an ageing workforce, and exploring changes in the arts and culture.

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Healthy Ageing - Visions for our Futures 2020

Explore a range of recorded talks and webinars which address many of the issues around healthy ageing, and draw on the knowledge and expertise of our Oxford Brookes staff, our academic, business, public and voluntary sector partners, and our local communities.


Photos, digital tools and wellbeing with older Oxford residents

26 November 2019

Photos, digital tools and wellbeing with older Oxford residents

Researchers at the Oxford Brookes Business School and the School of Arts recently held the launch of their community research project exhibition: 'Photos, digital tools and wellbeing with older Oxford residents' at the Lab Space, Oxford Brookes, Headington campus.

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