The Institute for Ethical AI launches to an enthusiastic audience

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Renowned Experts Discuss the Pressing Issues of Ethical AI.

Renowned experts from various sectors came together at the recent event to discuss the pressing issues surrounding ethical artificial intelligence. The event, hosted by the Institute of Ethical AI at the University, saw guest speakers Julian Burnett from IBM, Susan Scott-Parker from Business Disability International, Sana Kharagani from The Office for Artificial Intelligence, and Tom Pickering from Icebreaker sharing their insights and expertise on the matter.

The event began with an opening plenary by Professor Linda King, followed by a presentation from Professor Nigel Crook, Founder and Director of the Institute. Crook emphasised the practical embedding of ethics in AI, the importance of risk management, and ensuring fairness in AI systems. The lecture theatre was full, with people from a wide range of backgrounds and interests attending, including researchers, commercial interests, sector and policy specialists, and those with a wider academic interest.

The Institute offers solutions to various challenges around bias, disability, legality, and brand damage in the field of AI. Currently, the Institute is working with two consortia to embed ethical AI into the human resources and legal sectors. With a team of AI, data specialists, and social scientists, the Institute has access to over 70 additional researchers and consultants.

The event showcased the urgent need to address ethical issues in AI, and the Institute of Ethical AI is working to create practical solutions to these challenges. With the support of industry experts and a team of researchers, the Institute is well-positioned to make significant contributions to the development of ethical AI systems.

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