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2nd International Creative Industries Festival

Following the success of our inaugural Creative Industries Festival in 2021, the Creative Industries Research and Innovation Network (CIRIN) returned with the 2nd International Creative Industries Festival on the theme of ‘Creative industries for a better society’ during March 2022.

There were a series of online events to enable international audiences and speakers to take part, to bring together industry figures, students, interested members of the public and our cutting edge researchers to imagine a better society with the creative industries at its centre and celebrate the role of universities as spaces of freedom of expression and creativity.

The Creative Industries Festival 2021

The Creative Industries Festival 2021 brought together practitioners, policy-makers and researchers from a range of sectors including music, film, the visual arts, and high-tech artificial intelligence. 

Brookes researchers and students had the opportunity to bring their work to a wider audience, to build new relationships between the University and its external partners, and to help shape the future of creativity in the UK and beyond.

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Global Streaming Services and the European Screen Industries

17 February, 2022

A talk by Dr Christopher Meir (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) about his report on the screen industries for the European Commission. In the ten years since Netflix arrived in the UK and Ireland, global streaming services have transformed the landscape of the European film and television industries.

Drawing on research conducted on behalf of the European Commission, this seminar provided an overview of some of the effects that these companies have had on the European screen industries while it also examined some of threats they pose to European producers, distributors and broadcasters.

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