Research integrity - Statement

  • As an academic community, Oxford Brookes University has a responsibility to encourage and nurture the highest possible standards of intellectual honesty and integrity. We believe that all our researchers have a duty to society, to their profession, to the University and to those funding their research to conduct their research in the most conscientious and responsible manner possible.

    The Committee on Standards in Public Life (also known as the Nolan Committee) identifies principles which have relevance to best practice in the conduct of research: integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. Together, these principles provide a foundation for the personal integrity that should be reflected in the professional conduct of research.  

    Download the University's Code of Practice for Academic Integrity (PDF)

    The Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Global Partnerships will make a statement to the Board of Governors each year on actions and activities that have been undertaken to support and strengthen understanding and application of research integrity issues. This statement will also report on what processes have been undertaken for assessing whether procedures for dealing with allegations of misconduct are transparent, robust and fair and will provide a high-level statement on any formal investigations of research misconduct that have been undertaken. Download the narrative statement for 2017-2018 (PDF).

    The University's point of contact for research integrity and misconduct is Sarah Taylor, Director of Research Support at the following address:

    Research and Business Development Office
    Buckley Building
    Headington Campus
    OX3 0BP

    Annual research integrity statement 2017-2018 from the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Global Partnerships (PDF)