Research ethics review for external researchers

  • Researchers from Institutions external to Oxford Brookes University are required to obtain approval from the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) before recruiting students or staff from Oxford Brookes to their research studies.

    Application Process

    An application for research ethics review should be made on the UREC E2U form. A complete copy of the application (completed E2U form plus supporting documents) should be sent to the Research Policy Support Officer who acts as the UREC Administrator at the address below. Deadline for applications is two weeks before the Committee meets.

    Applications will be scanned so please ensure the documentation is either single-sided OR double-sided. Please do not staple original copy. Version numbers should be added to the documentation and updated each time amendments are made and agreed.

    A maximum of 12 applications are reviewed at each meeting and will be allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis on receipt of the complete application. Once the maximum limit has been reached, applications will be allocated to the next available meeting.

    Research approved by another Research Ethics Committee

    If the study has been given approval from another REC, for example at another institution or an NHS REC, but the researcher would like to recruit participants from Oxford Brookes, the applicant does not need to go through the full review process again rather the application can be approved via Chairs actions. A copy of the application to the original REC together with supporting documents plus a copy of the full approval letter from the committee should be forwarded to the UREC Administrator.

    External researchers are also expected to give careful consideration to both participant information sheets and formal consent forms.

    Please send the full documentation to:

    Research Policy Support Officer
    Research and Business Development Office
    Oxford Brookes University
    Buckley Building
    Headington Campus
    OX3 0BP