Research methods and management training for academic staff

  • Overview

    Oxford Brookes University attaches great importance to research which it considers is vital for its academic reputation and for the development and future career prospects of its academic staff. There are many ways in which the University supports research activity, for example through dedicated research time; funding from the Central Research Fund for research projects, sabbaticals, conference attendance, etc; and help in writing research grant applications. It also provides a Research Methods and Management Training Course which is designed for new academic staff, including Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, Readers, Principal Lecturers and Professors, whose contracts include teaching and research and are greater than one year; and who may be full or part-time. Elements of the course are also appropriate for established academic staff as part of staff development through Personal Development Review (PDR).

    The core elements of the course are compulsory for those who are new to Higher Education (i.e. have less that three years experience in HE in the UK) and they are required to attend during their first two years of employment 1.

    The programme at a glance


    Research methods and management training sessions 1, 2 & 3*
    Postgraduate certificate in teaching & learning in higher education


    Supervisor training sessions 1, 2 & 3

    Optional elements – discuss your training needs with your line manager as part of PDR

    Module P7404 managing & supervising postgraduate research
    Training sessions run by the Graduate School
    Statslink & Mathslink series
    Training activities provided by OCSLD
    Training provided by computer services
    Training provided by the library

    *access to funding from the Central Research Fund depends on evidence that Sessions 1, 2 and 3 have been completed and you should aim to complete these during your first year.

    Recording your training

    You should record your training activities for use in your PDR. Attendance at sessions will also be recorded using a sign-up sheet. A record of attendance is required for anyone applying to the central University research fund (including sabbatical leave etc).

    When should you do it?

    You should consult with your line-manager to decide the most appropriate order in which to take the compulsory elements – the research methods & management training and the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education - but should ensure that you attend session 1 of the research methods and management training within your first 8, and preferably 3, months at the University. You should aim to complete all the compulsory elements within your first two years.

    For existing Brookes Staff

    The research methods and management training course also provides additional training for established staff, those undertaking research for the first time and those wishing to update their knowledge. All compulsory and optional elements are open to them.

    Summary of training opportunities available

    Training opportunities available to staff undertaking the ‘Research Methods and Research Management’ training programme can be summarised under the following headings:

    Further details, information and advice about any aspect of the programme can be obtained from the Research Training Co-ordinator,  Dr Susan Brooks, ext 3285.

    1 Exemptions from all or part of the course are possible for experienced research staff joining the University from outside the higher education sector. Individuals should discuss possible exemption with their mentor and the the Research Training Co-ordinator,  Dr Susan Brooks, ext 3285.