Research methods and management training for research staff

  • Overview

    The programme is designed for new research staff, including Research Assistants, Postdoctoral Researchers and Research Fellows on contracts that predominantly specify research. This group includes 'contract research staff' - i.e. those who are funded by the University or external bodies (e.g. Research Councils, Government Agencies, Charities) to undertake research. They may be on short term or open-ended contracts. The course is compulsory for those who are new to Higher Education (i.e. have less that three years experience in HE in the UK) but elements of the course are also appropriate for established researchers as staff development agreed as part of the Personal Development Review (PDR).

    The University recognises the diversity of the research staff it employs and the wide variety of career goals and aspirations which they have. Some will be seeking to move on to a career as a member of the academic teaching and research community, others will be expecting to move into industry or commerce, while others will be wanting a long-term career as a researcher. This course is designed to introduce them to the ways in which the University seeks to support them as researchers as well as to the resources that will help them in their career development. It is also designed to fulfil the requirements for training set out by funding bodies.

    The training accords with the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers.  It is underpinned by the University's ' Code of Practice for the career management and development of researchers' and supported by the University's web resource for Contract Research Staff  which also contains information on winning funding and obtaining bridging funds along with further career guidance and support. In addition, Vitae, which incorporates the UK GRAD Programme and UKHERD is strongly recommended.

    The programme at a glance

    Research methods and management training sessions 1, 2 & 3

    Supervisor training sessions 1, 2 & 3

    Optional elements - discuss your training needs with your line manager as part of PDR
    Postgraduate certificate in teaching & learning in higher education
    Module P7404 managing & supervising postgraduate research
    Training sessions run by the Graduate School
    Statslink & Mathslink series
    Training activities provided by OCSLD
    Training provided by computer services
    Training provided by the library

    Recording your training

    You should record your training activities for use in your PDR. Attendance at sessions will also be recorded using a sign-up sheet.

    Summary of Training Opportunities available

    Training opportunities available to staff can be summarised under the following headings:

    Further details, information and advice about any aspect of the programme can be obtained from the Research Training Co-ordinator, Dr Susan Brooks, ext 3285.

    Skills appropriate to Contract Research Staff