• Advice and training for researchers whose work uses maths or statistics

    Training courses

    Support for research active staff

    Statslink provides one to one statistical and mathematical advice for research-active staff within all faculties, supporting joint grant applications, research design and analysis.

    Appropriate statistical advice can promote better postgraduate learning or supervision and lead to higher quality publications in many subject areas.

    Statslink may:

    • Advise staff about statistics and mathematics training at every level
    • Enhance research proposals using advanced statistical and mathematical modelling techniques
    • Promote appropriate use of statistics and mathematics in the design of PhD proposals
    • Provide co-supervision of research students
    • Explor inter-disciplinary research and publications using advanced statistical and mathematical methods.

    Statslink users include:

    • Research -active staff across the University
    • Research students
    • Contract research staff

    External consultancy

    Statslink also provides external consultancy and training in statistics and mathematics, and can provide ad-hoc maths/stats consultancy services to external parties.

    Statslink staff:

    How to access Statslink

    For short courses contact: Alice Stuart

    For statistical consultancy contact Dr Hooshang Izadi, tel 01865 484533 to discuss your requirements.