Public involvement

Find out how you can get involved in MOReS research

What is public involvement (PI)?

There are many different types of research, all of which contribute to new knowledge which may lead to changes in treatment, policies or care. Having people involved in research is vital and PI is the active involvement of patients, carers and the public in research projects and research centres, working with researchers, not for and not to be confused with knowledge sharing or recruitment of participants into research projects.

INVOLVE is a national advisory group established by the National Institute of Health Research to support active public involvement the NHS, public health and social care.

Our research team working with the public

What we do

The Centre for Movement, Occupational and Rehabilitation Sciences (MOReS) is a growing research centre which brings together three key ingredients - research, education and care. MOReS is underpinned by a strong research team under five key research themes:

  • Movement Sciences

  • Occupational Sciences

  • Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation

  • Trauma Rehabilitation and Musculoskeletal Health

  • Paramedic Sciences (coming soon)

How you can contribute

There are many ways in which members of the public can contribute and this may vary from meeting to meeting. Some of the ways in which you may be asked to help include the following:

  • involvement in identifying research priorities
  • as members of a project advisory or steering group
  • commenting on and developing patient information leaflets or other research materials

Ideas Factory

The Ideas Factory is an area where you can write your thoughts and ideas for current research projects or for research/projects that you think are important and therefore that MOReS researchers should consider. Each year, we will take two projects from the Ideas Factory forward for our undergraduate/ postgraduate students to undertake as part of their course. 

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More information

If you would like more information on the MOReS PI activities or are interested in becoming a member of our PI group, please contact