Think Baby

E-learning for student health visitors

Think Baby is an online course to develop trainee health visitors' observational skills by asking them to think about the way in which they perceive and assess mother-infant interactions.

Reflective self-assessment activities, based on short videos showing examples of mother-baby interaction, allow student health visitors an immersive learning experience.

Starting with their own knowledge and experience, students are guided through the training materials. The learning process is accompanied by comments and audio recordings provided by experts in the field.

The table of contents below visualises the structure of the course:

For more information on the Think Baby module, please contact Jennifer Kirman on

“I enjoyed the variety of learning materials and that you could listen to dialogue whilst reading it at the same time.”


“This is a much needed element of training that has been missing from many SCPHN curriculums in the university setting. It was very good.”



Appleton, J.V., Harris, M., Kelly, C. and Huppe, I. (2014) 'Think Baby': online learning for student health visitors. Community Practitioner. 87 (6):20-23.