Molecular Neuropharmacology

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Our research focuses on the structure and function of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR). These receptors are relevant to a number of brain diseases, in addition to their roles in nicotine addiction and tobacco-related diseases.

We have developed and pharmacologically characterised novel drugs with therapeutic potential. We have also discovered novel regions in nAChR that have potential for rational drug development.

Our work has led to a better understanding of the structure of complex brain nAChR and their drug-selectivity, thus paving the paths towards rational drug development. We disseminate our findings and their consequences for human health to a wider audience, including primary schools and secondary schools, as well as participating in public events hosted by Oxford Brookes University. 

nicotinic acetylcholine receptor


Isabel Bermudez-Diaz

Professor Isabel Bermudez-Diaz

Professor in Neuropharmacology

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