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The Centre for Environment and Society is home to a wide range of innovating research. Based in the School of Social Sciences, it brings together expertise from a diverse range of disciplines. Bridging the divide between hard and social sciences, it operates at the cutting edge of modern interdisciplinary academia. 

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The Centre for Environment and Society interacts with a wide range of international users from across the scientific, commercial and NGO sectors. Its members work closely with national and international bodies, government agencies, museums, the media, statutory bodies and community organisations. Our research covers the globe and the diversity of active projects ranges from deep time to the present day.


Simon Underdown

Dr Simon Underdown

Reader in Biological Anthropology

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Jason Danely

Dr Jason Danely

Reader in Anthropology of Japan

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Name Role Email
Dr Thomas Chambers Senior Lecturer in Anthropology tchambers@brookes.ac.uk
Dr Susan Cheyne Teaching Fellow in Biological Anthropology s.cheyne@brookes.ac.uk
Dr Giuseppe Donati Reader in Primatology / Biological Anthropology gdonati@brookes.ac.uk
Professor Catherine (Kate) Hill Professor in Anthropology cmhill@brookes.ac.uk
Dr Mel Nowicki Senior Lecturer in Urban Geography mnowicki@brookes.ac.uk
Professor Adrian Parker Professor in Geography agparker@brookes.ac.uk