The Audience Project (TAP)

About us

The Audience Project (TAP) research group aims to encourage, produce and disseminate innovative audience research. It draws together scholars from across the University, promotes submissions to major funding bodies and invites collaboration with external partners.

Particular interests include memories of cinema-going; contemporary audiences; audience engagement with cinema heritage; genre and audiences; sound art; gender identity; digital media and youth; fandom; celebrity and popular culture; distribution and exhibition practices; digital humanities, and reception studies.

Research carried out in The Audience Project (TAP) has made significant contributions to the development of this subject on a national and international level, securing external funding (see, for example, the AHRC-funded Italian Cinema Audiences and European Cinema Audiences, and the BA-funded Turning your Back to the Audience).

Front of the Ultimate Picture Palace, Oxford

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Research impact

Our activities include:

  • Research seminars, lectures and workshops with national and international speakers
  • Conferences and networking events
  • Funding and collaborative applications
  • PhD students in audiences and reception studies
  • Thematic publications
  • Establish connections with industrial partners both locally, nationally and internationally
  • Internship and volunteering opportunities
  • Impact activities with the local community



Name Role Email
Dr Silvia Dibeltulo Senior Lecturer in Communication, Media and Culture
Dr Hanna Klien-Thomas Research Fellow
Dr Dalila Missero Research Fellow
Dr Maya Nedyalkova Research Fellow
Dr Alessandra Palidda Senior Lecturer in Music
Dr Michele Paule Senior Lecturer in Communication, Media and Culture
Professor Daniela Treveri Gennari Professor of Cinema Studies
Dr Pete Turner Lecturer in Film and Digital Media Production, and Subject Coordinator
Professor Paul Whitty Head of School of Arts