• Making a difference


    For me, success is about enjoying what you do. When you are lucky enough to work in a vibrant and supportive environment with engaged and passionate colleagues, that enjoyment comes easily.
    Everyone is different and has a different approach to life, their career and how they manage both.

    This publication, Making a difference: work/life experiences of Brookes’ academics, began as an opportunity to explore this further; to get to know staff better, their journeys into academia and their lives outside of Oxford Brookes.

    What we ended up with was so much more; a wonderful collection of inspirational stories celebrating the rich and diverse experiences of our academic colleagues from across the University.

    Individually, these stories showcase different career paths taken, different backgrounds people have come from, the highs, the lows and the different ways they combine their professional and personal lives.

    Collectively, these stories showcase a shared commitment, shared talents and a shared enthusiasm in whatever they do.

    My thanks go to all those involved in this project, from those who shared their stories to those who captured them.

    I hope that you enjoy reading this publication as much I have and it gives you a fresh insight into Oxford Brookes and who we are.