• When teaching goes well that’s brilliant, when the research goes well that’s really great. I feel it is really rewarding when I’m able to do all aspects of my job well.

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  • I just love the university environment… It’s the place I feel comfortable and happy.

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  • The teacher in me is really proud when my students do well, that’s my success as a teacher.

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  • The reason I did Physics was because it was the subject where I thought I can’t stop now, I need to know more.

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  • For me success is being able to achieve something you were aiming for and are happy to achieve.

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  • Be patient, be tenacious and be hardworking.

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  • Success is being able to change the way people think and getting them to look at things.

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  • I’ve got a number of angels who are part of my career journey.

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  • The realisation that you could say what you wanted to say and put in in print and someone would publish it is great. So, I suppose I realised I had things I wanted to say.

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  • There’s been a few of those really big keynotes where I’ve kind of thought: people know my work.

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