• Bar and Soft drinks

    Here at Brookes Restaurant, we put a great deal of attention to give our drinks selection as much consideration as our food.

    We offer British bottled beers, lagers, soft drinks, mocktails and the student cocktail of the day.

    Our wine list is tailored and designed around our seasonal menus, as well as being able to support the students learning experience through sampling some of the principle grape varieties.

    Bottled Beer and Cider

    Peroni (5.1%, £3.95)
    Corona (5%, £3.95)
    Old Hooky (4.6%, £4.50)
    Hooky bitter (3.5%, £4.50)
    Red Rye (4.7%, £4.50)
    Cotswold Pale (4.4%, £4.50)
    Hogans dry cider (5.8%, £4.50)

    Soft Drinks

    Bensons apple juice (£2.75)

    Red Tractor accredited juices are all made from 100% natural, hand pressed whole apples. A choice of Apple, or Apple and Mango.

    Karma Kola (£2.75)

    Fairtrade organic soft drink without artificial additives

    Gingerella (£2.75)

    Blend of Fairtrade organic ginger, lemons, sugar & spice

    Frobisher Juices (£2.50)

    Orange, pineapple or cranberry

    Cordials (£2.00)

    Choose from: Elderflower, Blueberry, Passionfruit, and Summer berry

    Coke, Diet Coke & Lemonade (£2.25)


    Cocktail of the day (£2.95)

    Support students in their training by opting for this exciting and exceptional value for money cocktail. It changes daily and is designed and prepared by the first year student training on the bar, under the watchful eye of their mentor.

    Wild Spritz bottle (£4.00)

    A mix of gin, perry & fruit , served over ice with a wedge of lime.


    Homemade lemonade (£3.25)

    With a touch of mint

    Strawberry mojito (£2.95)

    Fresh strawberries & lime, mint, berry cordial & soda

    Elderflower fizz (£2.95)

    Elderflower cordial, fresh lime, mint leaves, soda & fresh Lime

    Blueberry Forest (£2.95)

    Apple juice, soda, blueberry cordial & fresh lime

    Hakuna Matata (£2.95)

    Pineapple juice, passionfruit syrup, fresh lime & soda

    Seedlip non-alcoholic gin & tonic (£3.25)

    Choose your non-alcoholic gin flavour: Citrus, Garden or Spiced

    • "I cannot rate Oxford Brookes University Restaurant highly enough. I have been eating there for about 20 years quite regularly and never had a bad meal... If you haven't eaten at Brookes you don't know what you are missing."

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    • "I have been going to Brookes Restaurant for a number of years now and it still is our place to go to celebrate birthday, anniversary, or eat with friends or colleague. The students are attentive and never had a bad meal yet."

      Trudy I - Trip Advisor

    • "I attended Brookes restaurant this evening for my works Christmas meal and was hugely impressed... we can't praise and thank the staff enough for a Christmas do that will remain long in the memory"

      Joel H - Trip Advisor

    • "I went to Brookes restaurant last week and I can say that is one of the best restaurants in Oxford in terms of the food and also the service."

      antonioRato - Trip Advisor