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  • BA/BSc Music and Creative Sound Production

    September 2019

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    Digital media production offers a dynamic, exciting and fast-evolving field of opportunities that requires creative, entrepreneurial, technically knowledgeable and professionally ready graduates. Like the term ‘digital media’ itself, the course covers a broad spectrum of production work and activities, including content creation for entertainment, information, communications and marketing, as well as a variety of delivery mechanisms including broadcast, online, and mobile. The BA/BSc (Hons) model allows you the choice of two exit awards. The BA (Hons) focuses on digital media production (i.e. content creation, development and management); while the BSc (Hons) focuses on technical operations (i.e. creative craft skills in digital media). The two exit awards share a common delivery in the first half of the course, so that your choice of pathway is informed and supported by wide-ranging perspectives and practice across both production and technical areas.

  • Graduate profile and employability

    The programme provides you with a range of opportunities - within the curriculum, through the learning resource, and in co-curricular activities - that support your development as a creative practitioner and prepare you for life after graduation. Opportunities within the curriculum The course has been designed to support your development towards a wide range of career pathways in digital media production and post-production (including as camera operators, editors, programme researchers, production managers, producers and directors), in a range of contexts that include facilities houses, production companies, and/or as freelancers.


    Our graduates can go on to do...For example? graphic designer, art director, videographer... 

  • Key learning outcomes

    • Understanding of graphic communication design in context
    • Understanding the principles and theory of graphic design communication and branding
    • Preparation and production of motion graphics
    • Ability to use graphic and audio visual software