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  • Publishing Alumni

    Our alumni are working in a range of jobs in the publishing and creative industries all over the world.

  • Publishing Alumni

    Our alumni from the Publishing undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are working in a range of jobs in the publishing and creative industries all over the world. Do get in touch and let us know what you are doing, and whether you would be willing to advise our present students on their future career.

    To get in touch with us, please email: Angus Phillips

    Vasundhara Puri

    Vasundhara Puri, MA Publishing

    About halfway through the MA publishing course, in January 2016, we were informed of an opportunity to intern at the International Labour Office in Geneva for a period of six months. I jumped at the chance, having heard about the internship previously and having been waiting for a chance to apply since before I had even arrived in Oxford. What followed was an interview at the fabulous 2016 London Book Fair, and voilà, six months later, I was in Geneva.The ILO produces many publications, including reports detailing their research and their work all over the world. I arrived at a very interesting time, when the Publications team was trying to participate in various online libraries and provide them with thousands of titles. Apart from working on metadata curation, enhancement, and creation, I did intensive research for the Publications unit on asset management systems. This was an aspect of publishing I had not been exposed to previously and it was great to learn about the importance of data, how to create the relationships between various data sets, and how crucial this work is for effective and successful publishing. The Publications team is intelligent, encouraging, supportive, and willing to pass on their knowledge to the intern.

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    Nina O’Reilly - MA Publishing

    In autumn 2015 I made the move from Dublin to Oxford for the MA in Publishing at Brookes. I decided that, rather than my original plan of pursuing a career in academia, I would like to work in academic publishing instead. A year and a half on, after first working as an intern, I am now an Editorial Assistant for Bloomsbury Academic’s Digital Division, a an exciting position that I really enjoy.As well giving me a strong foundational knowledge of publishing, the MA at Brookes also crucially showed me how strong the competition for entry-level positions is in this industry. Thus the Editorial & Digital internship at Bloomsbury really opened a huge door for me.

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    Christine Modafferi

    After graduating from college in Rome, all I knew was that I wanted to work in publishing. I had no experience, but I did have passion. I knew that if I wanted to succeed in making my dream come true, I had to choose the right place to start. What made me set my heart on this course at Oxford Brookes was that the professors help and encourage students to build connections in the industry, whether through work experience or the many events hosted by the faculty. I had a gut feeling that this was that ‘right place’ I was looking for at which to begin my career. 

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    Ana Prior Martin

    I was re-evaluating my career path when I came across the publishing MAs at Oxford Brookes University.I was working as a Technical Writer in Germany, and although I had a background in publishing, when I decided to apply to publishing jobs in the UK, I did not succeed in getting one. With the Master’s in Digital Publishing I found the way to open the doors of the UK publishing world. The internships, the contacts in the industry, the classes and the thriving environment helped me to find my way into the publishing job on which I had set my heart, in journals publishing; but I was also surprised to discover other areas of publishing that I really enjoyed as well. The fact that along the way I got to make incredible friends who are just as passionate about publishing as I am, is just the cherry on the top of a great year. I am now working as a Production Editor at BioMed Central in London.

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    Kirsten Cozens, BA Publishing Media

    As soon as I visited the Oxford Brookes campus and met some of the Publishing Media lecturers, I knew this was the degree for me. I still was not too sure what publishing exactly entailed, but I loved reading, writing, and creativity, and that is what I got on this course. The Publishing Media degree is tailored to give students the best professional skills they need to succeed in the industry, both in business and creative aspects, which have been invaluable throughout many of my internships and interviews. I felt that not only was I learning about creating content for different audiences, identifying the right markets for different publications, and understanding the business behind the creativity, but I also developed those all-important team work and leadership skills.