School of Arts

  • The Live Art and Performance Group (LAPER)

    Veronica Cordova de la Rosa and Peta Lloyd launched LAPER two years ago with the aim of raising the profile of Live Art and Performance Art in Oxford and creating opportunities for students and researchers to be supported in developing and recording their own work. Over the last years LAPER has raised its profile and was pleased to have acquired the funding necessary for inviting a diverse range of internationally acclaimed performers to attend at the School of Arts, for fourteen lunchtime performances. LAPER also organised ELASTIC, its first performance art festival and Squash and Stretch, its second International performance art festival. LAPER curates and organises a series of performance art events in private and public spaces in Oxford as well as live events abroad.

    Activities organised have included: 

    • lunchtime performance presentations at the School of Arts by local and international performance artists,
    • performance art workshops run by invited artists from both Oxford and abroad,
    • work in progress sessions documenting and providing feedback on works in development
    • publication and documentation of performance and performances
    • publication of creative writing in various forms, such as poetry, critical reviews of performance and presentations, etc.
    • performance art presentations on the streets, in public spaces as well as in art institutions in Oxford, London and elsewhere

    LAPER Live Art and Performance monthly art sessions

    LAPER has been organising monthly performance events in different public and private locations around Oxford. The aim of the sessions is to explore the research questions: Does performance art have a function in society in the making of different communities more tolerant of each other? Does performance art enable artists and public to become more aware of their sense, sensations, feelings, immediate reaction to their environment? What is transformed during the performance art piece (time, space, history, personal life, policies, bodies, thoughts, feelings, sensations, taste) What is performance art and what happens when we perform together?

    Currently, eight monthly sessions have been organised between September 2017 to May 2018. Next session will be held next 23rd of June at Common Ground, Oxford.