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  • Oxford International Centre for Publishing (OICP)

    Research carried out in the Oxford International Centre for Publishing (OICP) has made major contributions to the development of this subject on a national and international level. It is wide-ranging in terms of its historical, geographical and disciplinary scope, covering a period from the 19th century to the present day, and also encompassing a wide range of interdisciplinary areas.

    Particular interests include: publishing and book history in world war one; colonial and post-colonial publishing and histories of the book; museum publishing; contemporary fiction publishing; magazine publishing and hyperreality; digital publishing developments and media convergence; book covers; contemporary publishing industry, publishing statistics and corporate social responsibility. The premier publishing journal Logos is edited by Angus Phillips.

    Research activities are coordinated by the The Print Culture Research Unit. Research in OICP has attracted significant internal and external funding, and ground-breaking publications by members of the group demonstrate that this is a centre of expertise in this emerging and rapidly developing discipline.