School of Arts

  • The Print Culture Research Unit

    The Print Culture Research Unit brings together scholars specialising in print culture and publishing studies at Oxford Brookes University. The research of academic staff and PhD students in the unit is broad in focus, ranging from British publishing in the mid-19th century to digital publishing in the 21st century, and encompassing a number of genres and formats, including magazines, journals, literary texts, museums publications, art books and e-books.

    The unit’s activities are built around a programme of seminars and conferences that support the research and publications of group members and to offer a forum for public presentation of new work. These events provide the opportunity for discussion of methodologies and theoretical approaches, and enable members of the research group to consider the interactions and linkages in this field of study.

    The Print Culture Research Unit holds regular conferences to showcase new research in this discipline, both historical and contemporary, and to bring together scholars in this field across the UK and beyond. The 2017 conference was entitled New Directions in Print Culture Studies.

    In addition, Oxford Brookes University is involved in the organisation of the annual By-the-Book conferences in Florence, which features new research in publishing studies that is being carried out by scholars across Europe. This is organised by Angus Phillips.