School of Arts

  • Scholarships

    The scholarships listed below are designed to offer a funding award set against the cost of tuition fees for a Master’s degree within the Faculty, and do not include a contribution towards living costs, travel, text books, or other ancillary items. The number of scholarships listed here are the totals available across the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment to which the School belongs.

    Award name Award value Awards offered Course Application deadline Application Form
    Full-time UK Faculty Scholarship £1,000 1 Award Any full-time master's degree for January 2022 entry 18 November 2021 Apply here
    Part-time UK Faculty Scholarship £500 2 Awards Any part-time master's degree for January 2022 entry 18 November 2021 Apply here
    Stationer's Scholarship
    Applications for this scholarship are accepted by both full-time and part-time students. You may apply for this scholarship even if you are a recipient of another financial award.
    Applicants should complete the Word application form and then insert the references and financial backup documents into this document and then just submit one document.
    Due to remote working at this time, multiple files per applicant cannot be processed.
    £6,000 15 Awards MA Publishing Media or MA Digital Publishing 20 May 2022 Aplication form should be emailed to to apply