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    The course covers the basics of the language including pronunciation, characters, grammar and sentence structures.

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  • Complete Chinese

    Each course is 2 hours per week for 30 weeks.

    All Complete Chinese students that book their place before September 1st will receive a 5% discount. (This can be combined with the 10% discount for a 15% off the total course fee.)

    Members of the public: £620 per year (£10 per hour)
    Oxford Brookes/Concessions: £440 per year(£7 per hour)

    For any course queries please contact

  • Course Description

    This course is suitable for complete beginners keen to acquire a basic knowledge of reading, listening, spoken and written skills in Chinese Language and to build a foundation for further study. The course covers the basics of the language including pronunciation (pinyin & tones), characters (strokes & radicals), grammar and sentence structures. There is also the opportunity to practise daily conversation. The communication topics include greetings, countries and nationalities, doing business, and meeting socially with family and friends. Students are expected to do a certain amount of homework and preparation for each lesson. Regular attendance is required.

    This course covers Unit 1 to 12 in Discover China 1. The follow-on course will be available in January 2017.


    There are no pre-requisites for this course.

    Learning outcomes

    On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

    • Master the Chinese pronunciation system
    • Become familiar with basic grammar and sentence structures
    • Use greetings and communicate in simple, routine situations
    • Write and read simple texts, using 100 Chinese characters
    • Pass the Chinese proficiency test HSK Level 1/2 (Listening and Reading)


    Discover China Student's book 1 Macmillan ISBN: 9780230405950 (can be borrowed from the CI)

    Discover China Workbook 1 Macmillan ISBN: 9780230406384 (optional)(can be borrowed from the CI)

    The course book will be supplemented as necessary by handouts provided by the tutor. Materials and reference books are available in the Confucius Institute resource centre and students are free to borrow from the Confucius Institute office.

    Our Refund Policy

    Refund requests will only be accepted under the following terms:

    • Applications for a refund must be made in writing or via email to
    • Full refunds will only be made if they are received by the Confucius Institute 5 working days before the start date of the course.
    • The first class of each course can be attended for free so students are able to ascertain their learning level but only if this has been discussed with the Administrative Officer. Payment must then be made before the second class.
    • Once payment has been made and the course has started, refunds will only be given for extenuating medical or personal circumstances. Requested refunds of this nature must be accompanied by evidence and will be approved on a case by case basis.
    • We encourage each student to consider the time commitment needed for each course and ensure they feel able to attend the majority of lessons.