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    An intermediate to advanced level language course which teaches the skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing in Mandarin Chinese.

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  • Intermediate Chinese

    Each course is 2 hours per week for 10 weeks, and is available each term.

    There is a 5% discount to all Conversational Chinese students if they book before September 1st.

    Members of the public: £200 per term (£10 per hour)
    Oxford Brookes/Concessions: £140 per term (£7 per hour)

    If you are unsure of your level please contact

  • Course Description

    This is an intermediate level language course which teaches the skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing in Mandarin Chinese. Emphasis will be placed on training students understanding complex sentences and passages, identifying more Chinese characters, expressing opinions on social and cultural problems. Writing and conversational practices will help you to communicate effectively and properly in different situations.


    Students should have passed HSK level 3 (you can check your level online here); you should already have a vocabulary of about 800-1000 words and master basic grammar knowledge, can communicate with native-speakers in everyday situations. If you are not sure about your level please call in the office for an assessment before register on the course.

    Learning outcomes

    On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
    • • Express complex ideas in Chinese with a degree of fluency and develop competence in interaction with native speakers
      • Have developed a vocabulary of 2000 Chinese words and use them with a degree of proficiency
      • Read and write complex sentences and articles, as well as translate into English.
      • You can continue the course throughout the year and it will help you to Improve Chinese level finally to reach the HSK Grade 4/5


    All teaching materials have been specifically developed by our teachers, using a variety of sources. All learning materials used throughout the course will be provided by the Confucius Institute.  


    In the first lesson you will have an assessment with the teacher in class, and then according to the students’ level and learning requirement, the teacher will select articles from various sources on social and cultural themes.

    Our Refund Policy

    Refund requests will only be accepted under the following terms:

    • Applications for a refund must be made in writing or via email to
    • Full refunds will only be made if they are received by the Confucius Institute 5 working days before the start date of the course.
    • The first class of each course can be attended for free so students are able to ascertain their learning level but only if this has been discussed with the Administrative Officer. Payment must then be made before the second class.
    • Once payment has been made and the course has started, refunds will only be given for extenuating medical or personal circumstances. Requested refunds of this nature must be accompanied by evidence and will be approved on a case by case basis.
    • We encourage each student to consider the time commitment needed for each course and ensure they feel able to attend the majority of lessons.