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  • Consultancy: International CPD and Consultancy
  • International CPD and Consultancy

    CECD provides training and consultancy services for educational organisations on an international scale. We have the capacity to design extensive programmes of training for teachers, hosted in the UK (for example, a 6-month intensive language and school immersion programme, leading to the PG Cert in Education), as well one-off training events either in the UK or in-country. We are currently working with partners in Saudi Arabia, Chile, Japan, China, and Mexico on CPD and consultancy initiatives, and we are enthusiastic to develop further our bespoke training programmes with new international clients.

    In terms of access to UK schools for research and training, the School of Education values its long-term relationships with school and college partners and their communities. We have over 600 well-established partnerships in education from the early years, primary, secondary and post-compulsory sectors from across the region as well as nationally and internationally. These links are continuing to grow and evolve. Together we are a strong community of practitioners and researchers who aim to be agents of change, improving educational practice for future generations.

    International consultancy

  • In 2016-2017 CECD worked with the Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia to deliver an innovative programme of UK-based teacher professional development. Working with leading educators from Saudi Arabia, the aim of this programme is for participants to lead innovative change in the Saudi education system, drawing on their engagement with cutting-edge research and excellent practice in UK schools. This sixth-month programme consists of a period of intensive English-language instruction (focusing on English for academic purposes) followed by the completion of a PG Cert in Education, focusing on action research. Participants spend approximately 30% of the programme immersed in local primary and secondary schools, where they work closely with UK practitioners to develop new insights into best practice. Participants are supported throughout the programme by academic staff from the School of Education and by mentors who facilitate a bespoke learning plan for each individual. CECD at Oxford Brookes is the sole UK provider for this national initiative.

    We have very much enjoyed working with our first cohort of participants on this programme and we look forward to welcoming future cohorts from Saudi Arabia in 2018.

    We are also working to develop similar provision with partners in China and Latin America. Please contact us if you could like to know more about delivering this kind of CPD provision. 

    In 2017 CECD collaborated with Fu Yuan International School to create a bespoke programme of intensive CPD focusing on whole-school strategies for developing best practice in international school education. This programme included sessions on best practice in the UK education system, leadership and management, student-centred learning, behaviour management, school ethos, and subject-specific seminars and workshops. We look forward to working again with Fu Yuan International School in 2018 to provide another short-term, UK-based CPD experience.
    We have a partnership arrangement with The Beijing Institute of Education and have delivered a number of training courses to Primary and Secondary school teachers interested in learning more about our pedagogic approaches.  We continue to develop this collaboration with a programme of training for 50 middle leaders planned for delivery in October 2017.  Over the last 2 years we have trained more than 100 teachers of PE, focusing on the skills of dance and performance whilst also demonstrating how Physical Education can be a tool for teaching the core skills of numeracy and literacy whilst also enhancing the development of co-operation, team building and critical thinking abilities.