School of Education

  • Primary ITE

    These resources are designed especially for our partnership schools and for our alumni who are now teachers. It will contain a growing bank of resources and useful information, as well as links to other key websites.


    We aim to educate excellent teachers who can be agents of change, improving classroom practice for future generations of children.

    We aim to do this by:

    • recognising potential at recruitment
    • facilitating the intellectual, personal and professional development of our trainees
    • developing the best possible courses with up-to-date, rigorous and innovative approaches
    • modelling outstanding educational practice through our teaching, research and our pastoral role
    • having a rigorous approach to the development of trainees’ subject knowledge, which is then used to inform their teaching and children’s learning
    • engaging with educational research and practising professionals
    • valuing and nurturing individuals and individual qualities, encouraging them to be:
      • critical and reflective
      • inspirational
      • creative
      • intellectually curious
      • resilient
      • flexible
      • committed to self-development
      • responsive to change
      • confident to challenge
      • independently minded
      • committed to lifelong learning