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    These resources and links provide support and guidance for working with pupils with English as an Additional Language:

    A useful list of EAL books and web links:  EAL bibliography and webliography

    Further interesting and useful web links that contain language specific resources: EAL Weblist

    Working with pupils with EAL:  General support strategies for children with EAL

    Levels of English Acquisition: They are determined as being at one to four levels of English before entering levels where they are operating at the same level as their peers. over the last two years, the system of assessing students has changed from the long running Stages of English, based on the Hilary Hester method, to new assessment directives issued by QCA. The details can be found here:  English as an Additional Language steps.

    An audit that can be used in a school to consider current support for pupils:  EAL questionnaire – audit

    The New Arrivals Excellence Programme CPD modules can be accessed by clicking  here

    The Review of Research in English as an Additional Language (EAL) by Professor Richard Andrews, Institute of Education can be accessed  here

    Excellence and Enjoyment: learning and teaching for bilingual children in the primary years: Creating the learning culture; making it work in the classroom can be accessed  here

    Click  here for a useful reference list for EAL produced by the Higher Education Academy