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    As we all know, phonics and early reading are key priorities in primary teaching. To support our students we have shared a range of documents and resources. Many of these are familiar to practising teachers but it thought that it would be useful for these materials to be accessible from one portal.

    Links to schemes and resources

    • list of publishers and their products whose self-assessments have been reviewed by independent evaluators and which meet the Department’s core criteria, as given above.
    • Access the Letters and Sounds Phonic scheme.

    Support for subject knowledge

    • The DfE’s core criteria provide schools with clearly defined key features of an effective, systematic, synthetic phonics programme.
    • glossary of terms associated with phonics teaching.
    • Debbie Hepplewhite’s simple to complex Alphabetic Code overview can be accessed here.
    • A Youtube clip: How to articulate phonemes
    • Another Youtube clip: Sounds of the English Phonics Code
    • Guidance and support materials for systematic synthetic phonics in initial teaching training produced by the TDA (2011)

    Support for planning and assessment

    • pro-forma for a lesson plan focused on systematic synthetic phonics
    • The DfE Year One Phonic screening website


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    Reading for Pleasure

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