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    Able Pupils/Gifted and Talented Related websites:


    • The differentiation grid – this is a grid that shows a wide range of differentiation strategies that are very useful when planning lessons

    The encouragement of pupils’ higher order thinking is a key method for increasing challenge and the 2 handouts below are designed to help with this:

    • Bloom’s building blocks - this shows Bloom’s Taxonomy of thinking skills set out with words or phrases that will prompt the different levels of thinking.
    • Action Verbs - this is a longer list of verbs that will prompt the different levels of thinking
    • This useful  article by Kerry and Kerry considers the skills of a teacher in planning a lesson and how they can be ‘tweaked’ to make sure that there is sufficient challenge for the able pupils in the class. The Harvard reference is: Kerry, T. and Kerry, C. (2000) The centrality of teaching skills in improving able pupil education, Educating Able Children, 4(2), 13-19