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  • Assessment resources

    The Primary Science Teaching Trust has some amazing resources for assessing pupils’ levels in Sc1 skills. They are ready prepared lesson plans and so you can build them into your assessment planning for the year. Here is the  link  and once you have opened that you just need then to click on ‘browse the planning sheets’ to see the resources. They take the form of lesson plans which have been devised to assess against the National Curriculum levels in certain areas of the science curriculum. They can also be adapted for using with the ‘Working Scientifically’ sections of the 2014 curriculum.

    The Cambridge Advisory Service has set out the skills within Sc1 sequentially from Early Foundation Stage to level 5. These are really useful for assessment and also for setting differentiated learning objectives, so they will still be useful for the 2014 curriculum, and they can be downloaded here:

    The QCA produced some very useful assessment materials that set out the 1999 Science National Curriculum level descriptors for Sc2-4, plus additional statements. There is far more detail here than in the basic level descriptors, which will help you to assess more accurately against the levels. They can also be used to design differentiated success criteria because they give an overview of the progression of understanding within science subject areas – this will continue to be the case when the 2014 curriculum is in operation. Click below for progression of skills, knowledge and understanding in different subject areas for science: