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    We engage in research related to pedagogy and learning across the curriculum subjects within STEAM contexts. The various projects bring together academics and practitioners working on a range of learning and pedagogic issues in order to facilitate change in practice in schools, colleges and higher education through evidence based-research and/or policy developments at local, regional or national levels.

    We aim to:

    • Undertake and promote high quality research and scholarship in the field of STEAM pedagogy and learning
    • Disseminate its research findings widely, through various means, including publications, electronic media, conferences and seminars
    • Develop both critical and creative perspectives within STEAM
    • Promote research focused on both practice and learning
    • Seek funding for research from a wide range of sources
    • Facilitate a research and discussion forum that will meet regularly throughout the academic year
    • Liaise with other research groups both within the department and beyond
    • Develop active networks both nationally and internationally

    To find out more about STEAM@Brookes research groups and its outputs please visit the google link below.

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