Lisette Toetenel

Lisette Toetenel



Thesis title: Social networking in language teaching and the impact on teacher training

Start year: 2011


Research topic

My doctoral research concentrates on exploring social networking sites in second language teaching, and in particular:

  • a theoretical framework for use of social network sites in second language classes; and
  • informal register in language learning within the use of social networking sites

Why did you decide to become a research student?

To continue my development, both for career and personal purposes.

What in particular made you want to become a research student at Brookes?

I had an excellent working relationship with my supervisor during my Masters Degree and I felt confident that I could progress to PhD level aided by her supervision.

What skills have you gained as a research student that you will be able to use when you have finished your studies?

Persistence, writing skills and critical engagement.

How did Brookes staff or fellow students support you in your research?

My supervisors are always available and enthusiastic about my research, but also critical and knowledgeable about the topic.

What is the best thing about being a research student at the School of Education at Brookes?

Excellent support from my supervisors and the graduate office.

What do you hope to do when you have finished your research degree?

I currently teach on the PGCE / Cert Ed at a further education college. In the future I do hope to be able to teach in a university setting and to publish my own research.