School of Education

  • Research students

    Name Thesis title Email
    Aidan Arnold ‘The Edge of the Maze’: What are the causes and effects of increasing managerialism within the United Kingdom’s Further Education (FE) sector? A hermeneutical examination of the divide between educator and managerial thought
    Lindsay Jordan Solidarity as a civic virtue in citizenship education
    John Loewenthal What do people want to do with their lives and why? An ethnography of graduate aspirations in New York and Los Angeles
    Jacqueline Perrin Encountering and finding purpose in the lives of high-functioning autistic students: a participatory study


    Name Thesis title Supervisors
    Hamish Chalmers Translanguaging in linguistically super-diverse classrooms: the roles of students, teachers and parents and the effects on observable educational outcomes
    Poppy Gibson TBC


    Name Thesis title Supervisors
    Ioli Ayiomamitou Educational and psycholinguistic perspectives on children and young people who speak non-standard varieties
    Sarah Frodsham Assessment of Primary School Science: Understanding when and how effective formative assessment is being performed whilst teaching creatively for science
    Lisette Toetenel Social networking in language teaching and the impact on teacher training


    Name Thesis title Supervisors
    Dan Butcher TBC
    Caroline Way An investigation of the relationship between young children with imaginary companions and perspective-taking ability


    Name Thesis title Supervisors
    Anna Riggall What implications do dominant discourses and conceptualisations of ‘quality’ in education have for pupils and teachers in primary schools?