School of Law

  • Support and representation

    The following subsections outline the support that research students should expect to receive at both Faculty and University level, including specific information for international students, as well as information on student representation.

  • Research students are entitled to receive the pastoral and welfare support that are available to all students at the University. Usually, but not exclusively, the first port of call for all research students is their supervisory team. Students experiencing difficulties with any aspects of their studies should consult with them in the first instance. Where further assistance is required, students have access to the relevant Postgraduate Research Tutor and Research Administrator (see Important Contact Details).

    The Research Degrees Team (see Important Contact Details) provides advice and guidance on all matters related to the central administration of the programme, regulations and procedures. They produce all supporting documentation required during the programme eg. bank letters, council tax letters, UK Border Agency documents.

    Academic and Student Administration offer a wide range of professional and advisory services, including:

    The International Student Advice Team at Oxford Brookes University can provide advice and information on a range of immigration and welfare-related issues.

    Students are encouraged to raise any queries or concerns they may have in the first instance with their Director of Studies. The Postgraduate Tutor is also recognised as an important contact in this regard as is the Research Degrees Team (see Important Contact Details).

    Research students send one representative to the Research and Knowledge Exchange (RKEC). This is the committee responsible for all activities relating to research students in the Faculty and is an important means of communication between the research students and the Faculty. The research student representative for this committee is currently:

    • Rachel Egloff

    In addition, research students send six representatives to the Faculty Postgraduate Research Degree Sub-Committee meetings, which are chaired by Professor Glen O’Hara and which are attended by all of the Faculty’s Postgraduate Research Tutors (see Important Contact Details). The research student representatives for this panel are currently:

    • Annie Webster
    • Jane Freebody
    • Craig Allen
    • Jasmin Dall'Agnola
    • Kira Dahling